Why Wayfaring Minimalist? Trekking upstream during a backcountry hike in Lynn Canyon, Canada

Why Wayfaring Minimalist?

Wayfaring Minimalist is a quitting process. A way of life. It is a discipline to live in simplicity, not for the sake of being simple, but to have the courage to identify and shed the …

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What is Authentic Traveling. Authentic traveling is largely perspective-dependent.

What is Authentic Traveling? (1/3)

Should we subject ourselves to danger and agony by taking that twelve-hour bus ride just because this is the way locals do it? Do we renounce popular sites just because it is on every …

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Traveling with Compassion. Compassion helps us to avoid ethnocentric myopia.

Traveling with Compassion

Learning how to be compassionate on an emotional level opens our heart to really listen beyond our own ethnocentric myopia. We learn to appreciate more of us and less of I …

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