“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.”― Harun Yahya

About Wayfaring Minimalist

wayfarer is a person who travels on foot. When we choose to cover distance one step at a time, we see things that are otherwise concealed from us. Like a slow-motion video, we begin to experience the intricacy of our surroundings.

We engage in a dialogue with the very land below our feet, allowing us to feel its heartbeat and hear its stories. Wayfaring symbolizes a return to the basics – to chase after not a particular destination or speed, but the journey itself.

A minimalist practices exceptional simplicity. It is not for the sake of being simple, but to fulfill necessity with precision and elegance.

Minimalism declutters our lives and challenges us to engage only in activities that truly matters to us. It minimizes breakpoints. A minimalist strives to identify the 20% effort that gives 80% of the result and discard the rest.

Wayfaring Minimalist is a philosophy of life. A journey becomes not just an enjoyment, but a spiritual cultivation. It intensifies sensation, challenges prejudice, and liberates inspiration from senseless automation.

Like peeling an onion to its core, we may eventually find, through the painful abandonment of the excess, the true self who lives deep within.